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It’s important that our children learn about the providences of God in our nation’s history. Repeatedly, God calls for His people to remember their past and the ways in which He has delivered them from destruction. Parents are to celebrate, commemorate, and pass on the knowledge of these deliverances to their children.

“Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.” ~ Deuteronomy 32:7

Today we have several generations of Americans who have not been taught about our nation’s Christian heritage and history. We have lost touch with our forefathers and the foundational role their faith played in the birth of our nation. We take for granted the peace, tranquility, and prosperity we are surrounded by today, without understanding the sacrifice that went into obtaining these privileges, or the vigilance and responsibility required to retain them.

It’s a sad fact that most Americans don’t enjoy history. The last thing the average kid (or adult, for that matter!) wants to do is suffer through the rote drudgery of memorizing seemingly meaningless factoids. Could this be because they are taught facts such as dates, names, and places, without first being introduced to the importance of these facts, and the way in which they fit into the bigger picture? Do we teach our children history as if we’re giving them medicine, something that they must ingest because it’s good for them, or do we focus on creating an excitement for the epic adventures of the past?

Thankfully, a shift is occurring. Many Christian parents are raising up a new generation of children who simply love history. Parents are not only teaching their children the lessons of the past, but are gaining a new-found passion for it themselves. They’re learning that history doesn’t have to be “boring”; rather, it is exciting and vital to our understanding of the present and the future.

What better way to impress this upon your children than by walking the battlefields with them, visiting the landmarks, and touching the monuments while Christian historians bring this history to life? Paddle across murky rivers to forbidding swampy hideouts, tour dank dungeons full of intrigue, travel the paths trodden by determined patriots with your family on the War for Independence History Tour 2012.

To help parents as they pass a love of history down to their children, and to make the tour more affordable for families, we’re drastically slashing the price of tickets for families of four or more. Take advantage of the War for Independence History Tour 2012 Family Pass and get 40% off four or more tour tickets for your family!

We hope you’ll join us in Charleston, SC on April 29th for the beginning of a family adventure that will resonate with you and your children for years to come!

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